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Udemy Free Coupon - Number Systems - Master of numbers conversion in 90 minutes

Convert Decimal, Binary, Octal, and Hexadecimal numbers and make arithmetic operations. CISCO Exam IP Addressing What will i learn?
Identify different number systems and the areas where they are apllied Understand the concept of place values in a number Convert different types of number systems using integer and fractional numbers Distinguish between positive and negative numbers Make arithmetic operations using different number systems Use of Engineering functions in Excel to convert numbers with different bases Use of Excel logical function to avoid error #NUM!

Ultimate Persuasion Strategies! - Influence Tools & Skills

Learn The Most Powerful Tools Of Influence! What will i learn?
Mastery Of The 6 Major Skills Of Persuasion Ability To Spot When Persuasion Is Being Used On YOU! Powerful Ways To Get Your Ideas Across Vastly Improved Communication Skills Powerful Selling Skills Be More Likeable & Trustworthy In The Eyes Of Others Powerful Ability To Motivate Others! Exceptional Rapport Skills
In this Course you will Learn/Gain:
Cutting-edge tools of influence that can be used in ANY situation
How to gain Rapport with anyone - FAST!
You gain a…

Udemy Free Coupon - Learn to Program in Javascript: Beginner to Pro

Don't just be a good programmer, become a great one, because that is what matters. What will i learn?

understand object orientation in javascript write functional programs in javascript know some pitfalls and how to avoid them write rich internet applications (AJAX style)
Javascript is the language of the web. So if you want to become a web developer, Javascript is a must learn language. This is an in-depth course which teaches seemingly difficult concepts like functional programming in a easy to understand way. Along the course, we also compare Javascript with other languages like Java, so that people having some experience with a language like C, Java or C#, which…

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Udemy Free Coupon - Step by Step GDPR for Non-EU Small Businesses-Windows 7

Small Business owners located OUTSIDE the EU that want to be Data Privacy (GDPR) compliant who are using Windows 7. What will i learn?
You will learn the basics on what is required to make your business into a business that knows how to handle Personal Data correctly You will learn both the Technical Measures and the Organizational Measures that other businesses will require you to follow Your staff will learn what they can and cannot do with Personal Data You will learn what is required by the Law to remain Data Privacy Compliant You will learn how to apply technical measures required to be Data Privacy Compliant in your small business You will receive a certificate of Data Privacy Com…

Udemy Free Coupon - Blogging Blueprint 2.0: Become a Blogging Expert in 7 Days

Learn blogging step by step to open the doors to become an awesome blogger. What will i learn?
You will be able to create professional website and make money with it in a professional way. Understand how to write content in that gets noticed. Building an engaging email list on your blog Driving traffic on your blog which converts Doing a professional social media optimization of your online presence Search engine optimization to make Google love your blog Monetizing your blog with AdSense and affiliate marketing
In this course, you are going to learn every…

Udemy Free Coupon - Create A Website With Squarespace - The Complete Guide

Build Functional and Attractive Websites in Hours Without Any Coding Knowledge using Squarespace. What will i learn
Build functional and attractive business or personal websites without using any code. Make an online store for your business. Create forms to capture customer information and build mailing lists. Build a blog to promote your business or cause. Build dynamic websites with background video, parallax scrolling and interactive image galleries. Integrate your website with Stripe, PayPal, USPS, MailChimp and much more! Create, maintain and update your website yourself to save time and money.�����������������������������…